When Can You Start?
In this must-have book for job seekers, I share with you insider tips, hints, and secrets for acing any job interview. What people say:

We climbed a mountain today. I feel good. Thank you.

Katrina Bowman, Vice President, Bowpak

Paul & Laurie do excellent work. We were glad to get their valuable, timely and helpful input on employee communications, blog posts, a case study, and a Town Hall-style conference call. I enjoyed working with them.

Tom Vignau, CEO, Advantel

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Why You Should Invest in Evergreen Content

Author: Paul Freiberger   Posted on: July 22, 2016

There’s nothing mysterious about the idea of “evergreen content.” It’s quite simply content that lasts. However, its utter simplicity belies its enormous potential as a cornerstone of any content marketing initiative. Content that lasts is content that readers return to. It’s content that attracts new readers just by being there. It gives you an audience […]

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The Secret to Successful SEO: Quality Content

Author: Paul Freiberger   Posted on: July 10, 2016

Great content can bring enormous value to every kind of company under the sun, but that proposition is not yet universally acknowledged. The prevailing attitude toward content’s value is highly changeable. Sometimes, content is king. At other times, content is over, or, at least, its place in the grand scheme of things is overrated. There’s […]

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Content Marketing’s ROI

Author: Paul Freiberger   Posted on: July 1, 2016

What is the return on investment of content marketing versus pay per click? To compare the relative values of PPC and content marketing, begin with cost, a factor that’s inherently variable regardless of your marketing approach. For content marketing, costs depend on the size of your organization, the volume of content being produced and the […]

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Seeing the Impact & Results of Content Marketing

Author: Paul Freiberger   Posted on: June 29, 2016

Evaluating a marketing strategy is always a matter of assessing two different kinds of results. There are “soft” results that include things like cultivating good will, sustaining brand awareness and nurturing whatever warm, fuzzy feelings an audience has in response to a given product. That side of things is very much the focus of Apple’s […]

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