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Case Study Writing by Paul

Your satisfied customers are your best salespeople. Sharing their good experiences with your products or services through case studies is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools you have at your disposal.

To be successful, a case study must strike the right balance between technical detail and storytelling. Without technical detail, the case study won’t be convincing. Without a story, the case study won’t get read.

Unfortunately, not all writers know how to achieve this balance. The result? Dry, boring case studies that don’t connect with the reader and simply don’t work.

As an award-winning non-fiction author and journalist with decades of experience writing for a variety of publications—including The San Jose Mercury News, The San Francisco Examiner, and InfoWorld—Paul Freiberger is an expert at balancing technical detail with storytelling.

We know how to craft engrossing case studies that will establish your credibility with potential customers, generate sales leads, and win you new business.

Proven Results for Companies Large and Small

We’ve spent years honing our skills and written hundreds of case studies for companies of all types and sizes. We know what to say—and just as important, what not to say—to convince prospective customers to buy your product or service.

Our case studies get results because:

  • We understand how to grab the attention of prospective customers and get them to see themselves in the case study.
  • We take the time to become an expert on your target audience, your products and services, and your business, so we can create case studies that speak directly to your prospective customers’ unique needs.
  • We have the skills to make even the most technical subject matter or complicated narrative easy to understand.
  • We know how to clearly demonstrate the benefits of your product or service.
  • We’re meticulous—we write and rewrite until we get it just right.

Plus, we can meet even the tightest of deadlines so you can rest assured that your project will be finished on time.

That’s why industry leaders turn to us for their case studies time and again. Here’s one.

Put Case Studies to Work for You

The bottom line is that well-written case studies work. They give potential customers exactly what they want: proof that your product or service will solve their problems.

Let us show you how case studies can turn prospects into customers and improve your sales.

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