Event Marketing Sparks Genuine Engagement

Live Events in the Spotlight

 Events have changed but their value has not. Events can help launch a business and they can generate ongoing success. Many companies have an urgent need for events but fail to realize it.

Successful events are built on consistency with your overall content strategy.

In-person events are a key aspect of a successful marketing strategy. They have a success rating of resonating 10% better than other marketing initiatives.

91% of hyper-successful businesses attribute events as having a substantial role in their success.
87% of C-suite executives plan on investing more in live events in the future.
B2B events account for $512 billion in annual spend.

Think event marketing is a relic of a bygone era? Think again!

Events present an opportunity to connect with your customersin a face-to-face format that breaks down barriers. Supplementing your social media and email marketing with in-person events solidifies your brand in the minds of your customers. As more interaction becomes digital, people are starting to crave real-world interactions, and prospective customers are more likely to remember content that they experience in person versus content that they only see online.

At your event, it’s important to make sure that your messaging fits in with your overall content strategy. The tone of your event needs to fit with the voice expressed in your website, your email marketing and your social media profiles. At an event, it’s not enough to simply sella product or service. You need to tie it all together with your company’s overarching vision.

 Content Marketing Place provides you with the strategy and tools to host a successful, memorable event.


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