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Unfolding Your Brand – PR Content Marketing Strategies

If a miraculous blog post is written, but never seen, does it actually exist?

Think about it.

The internet is overflowing with brilliant, as well as less than brilliant, content. True masters of industry release their musings and solutions into the great digital abyss. Regardless of the impact these words could have, they may never reach the intended audience.

Why, you may ask? The answer is shockingly true for nearly all undiscoverable digital content.

Content creators failed to combine their eloquent words with the fundamental principles of public relations, media relations and outreach.

It’s more important than ever to craft the perfect press release to get publicity. Write a great press release and it becomes a crucial search engine optimization (SEO) tool and the vehicle that delivers your message to a vast audience.

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The Marriage of Content Marketing and Public Relations

It’s not enough to craft brilliant blog posts, white papers or informational articles. One must also know how to interweave the concepts and technical elements of public relations and social media into content to get noticed.

Excellent content deserves an equally impactful PR plan.

Think of quality content as a valuable business asset. However, its value is worthless if it remains hidden from view.

To maximize the value of content, public relations becomes more than simply announcing company updates. PR is the fuel to the content marketing fire.

The Symphony of Digital Marketing – What Makes Good PR?

As with any form of content marketing, exact PR methods used for your business will vary based upon your goals, target audiences and current trends. Yet even though the actions of a strong PR plan are as unique as your business, the fundamental pillars are universal.

Make Them Notice – Content Amplification

Content marketing strategies focus on the art of content creation. Public relations focuses on amplifying specific elements via media outreach, targeted press releases, content promotion tactics and social media integration.

To maximize content reach, unify your content marketing and PR objectives.

A Familiar Voice – Brand Personality Growth

Branded communication is paramount in the modern marketplace. With millions of businesses screaming at consumers, only those with a personable, engaging and consistent brand message are noticed.

Combining public relations and content marketing offers a multitude of opportunities to share the unique value of your brand personality and engage your target customers in conversation.

Organic Outreach – SEO Press Releases

Think your webpages and blog posts are the only way to optimize organic traffic? Think again!

Optimizing press releases as you would any webpage offers yet another method to broaden your reach. Content marketers must interweave current SEO best practices when crafting digital press releases.

Engineered press releases not only increase topic visibility, but can also boost incoming traffic and website accessibility.

Leveraging Intrigue and Interest via Public Relations Content Marketing

The bottom line is simple. Without public relations, your content marketing may be severely limited.

While mastering the art of PR-focused content creation is easier said than done, we’ve spent countless hours refining our approach. Our expertise transforms content from beautiful words and images to an asset capable of catalyzing lasting success.

Check out our 6 Best Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

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