Content Marketing Strategy

What are the most strategic ways to enhance your thought leadership, build a digital footprint, support a brand or create sales?

Content Marketing.

We describe Content Marketing as:

“A strategic marketing technique of creating and distributing content to achieve greater reach by attracting, informing and benefitting your target audience.”

10 Great Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

When content is done well – the way we do it – the list of benefits is long:

  • Marketing: One way or another, marketing is one result of every kind of content. Even if not a direct sales pitch, content speaks of your business and to your customers and prospective clients.
  • Search placement: Valuable content has a lasting impact on search results, with the best content rising to the top. Search algorithms are constantly changing, but they are always designed to give pride of place to quality content. Keyword spamming, while common, is a misguided approach that’s doomed to fail.
  • Organic growth via sharing: Good content is shared, meaning that it has the potential to spread far and wide organically. Once posted, content can spread far beyond the page where it first appeared. It takes on a life of its own.
  • Connection: Content lets you connect with clients and customers, both existing and potential. It establishes bonds with the people you want to reach and, as you add content, it cements those bonds.
  • Trust: Content is a means of fostering trust, the most meaningful component of any relationship, commercial or otherwise, between you and your audience.
  • Expertise: Content that demonstrates your expertise is, quite simply, the best way to establish yourself as the expert in your field. Thought leadership only comes about because it’s backed by great content that shows the world you’re fit to lead.
  • Investment: Content can show the world why and how what you do matters both to you and to your audience.
  • Currency: If you’re on the cutting edge, the world won’t know that unless you deliver cutting-edge content.
  • Brand recognition: All of this adds up to a medium that can make your name known far and wide for the very reasons you want it to be known.

On top of all that, Content Marketing also has an ace up its sleeve:

Cost effectiveness: An investment in content marketing is typically 62 percent less than the investment it takes to pursue other channels – channels like banner ads and paid search, for example – yet content marketing yields three times the leads.

That’s as close to an offer you can’t refuse as any strategy you’ll find today.

We Provide Content that Does the Job

We work with individuals and organizations to provide content that’s tailored to your needs, whether in the form of a case study or blog post or a comprehensive strategy aimed at establishing you as a thought leader in your field.

Let us know your goals and we’ll come up with a strategy that may include:

  • Case studies
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Speeches
  • Email messages, newsletters & campaigns
  • Video
  • Brochures & flyers
  • Events
  • Content Marketing Place was instrumental in getting traction for our digital innovation firm. They created a compelling content marketing program based on highly technical subjects. Results are ultimately what matters, and their work led to new business. I can’t recommend them enough.

    Art Shectman CEO | Elephant Ventures

We go beyond the internet

We work in any medium, and we succeed because we understand that different media need different approaches.

A speech, for example, needs a style that won’t suit a case study. A blog post needs a touch that won’t work for a press release. Whatever your needs, online and off, we have the versatility and expertise to deliver content you’ll be proud to share with the world.

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