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When I needed first-rate blog posts, I immediately turned to Content Marketing Place. They delivered, and their stellar work brought me new customers.

Angie Yuan, Managing Director, Mathnasium of Laurelwood and Burlingame-Millbrae

Content Marketing Place helped us launch a content marketing program that was based on highly technical subject matter. They’re delightful to work with, they work fast, their insights were spot-on, and their writing was exceptional. They understand technology deeply and explain even complicated topics clearly and simply. Results are ultimately what really matters and their work strengthened relationships with our best clients and led to new work and expanded brand awareness for our firm. They helped to create awareness of our team as thought leaders in our industry. I can’t recommend them enough.

Art Shectman, President, Elephant Ventures

We climbed a mountain today. I feel good. Thank you.

Katrina Bowman, Vice President, Bowpak

Paul & Laurie do excellent work. We were glad to get their valuable, timely and helpful input on employee communications, blog posts, a case study, and a Town Hall-style conference call. I enjoyed working with them.

Tom Vignau, CEO, Advantel

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Introducing Our Sizzle Reel

Author: Laurie Kretchmar   Posted on: April 29, 2017

Take 2 minutes to WATCH our new video about how we can help your organization reach your target audiences.

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